…and what to do instead

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We’re hearing it a lot. It’s probably one of the first pieces of advice you will get when starting your journey as a software developer. “Just pick a project and do it. You will learn things along the way”-they say- “Then you can put it in your portfolio!”.

This is understandable. The hype for project-based learning is huge as more and more schools worldwide adopt this student-centric approach claiming its countless benefits such as better engagement, improvement in problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and more. Don’t get me wrong, as someone who comes from an…

The life of database systems before Postgres and MongoDB

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From Clay to Zeros and Ones

Although it may not appear so nowadays, databases have been used to store and organize information long before computers were even invented. Ancient civilizations were using clay wedged-shaped marks to keep track of record inventories such as food, armor, and more. With time, as more and more data was required to be stored, databases have grown in size and complexity and so did methods to index and retrieve data.

The amount of data being produced grew exponentially. In fact, the early attempts of estimating the extent of this phenomenon were taken in 1944 by Fremont Rider, who in his paper…

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I remember well the first time I encountered prototypes in JavaScript. It was in the very beginning of my programming journey and when I started to dig deeper into this concept, I simply came to conclusion: ‘Well… classes do the same thing, so I’m not going to bother…’. My somehow superficial grasp of OOP let me to create simple programs but it didn’t take me too far, as I started to encounter bugs that I couldn’t understand and fix. At Launch School learning about prototypes became unavoidable, so I had to give it a go.

This concept was, by far…

It’s 10 o’clock. It’s just one hour left to this defining moment when I’m going to be evaluated for all I have done for the past weeks on my first Launch School interview assessment. ‘It’s ok’ — I’m telling to myself — ‘I have been preparing for that for so long. Countless hours of solving Code Wars problems with timer to put some extra stress on myself, all study sessions with TA I was able to attend (they probably were fed up with me already), at least one study session with other students per day to be able to present…

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